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APPG Global Health: Latest Annual General Report and Accounts (June 2016- June 2017)


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Nursing Now! Update December 2017 and feedback from telephone interviews and online survey

As the year draws to an end we are pleased to announce that the Nursing Now! campaign will be officially launched on the 27th February 2018.


Below is the December 2017 Update which contains further details of the progress of campaign. There is also a summary of the feedback from the Nursing Now! telephone interviews and online survey which were completed over the last few months to inform the branding and communications for the campaign.

Nursing Now! Update December 2017 Nursing Now! Telephone Interviews: Summary of Responses Nursing Now! On-line Survey: Summary of Responses

Nursing Now! Key Messages Flyer

Nursing Now! is a campaign to improve health globally by raising the status and profile of nursing, demonstrating what more it can achieve, and enabling nurses to maximise their contribution to achieving Universal Health Coverage.


Click below to view the Nursing Now! flyer which contains more information about the campaign.

Nursing Now! Key Messages Flyer


This report makes the very simple point that universal health coverage cannot possibly be achieved without strengthening nursing globally. This is partly about increasing the number of nurses, but also crucially about making sure their contribution is properly understood and enabling them to work to their full potential.


The report goes on to argue that strengthening nursing will have the triple impact of improving health, promoting gender equality and supporting economic growth.


Download the 'TRIPLE IMPACT' Report here.


Triple Impact - How investing in nursing will improve health, improve gender equality and support economic growth

Triple Impact Report Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 14.24.49