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"At a time of rapid globalization and growing instability, global health is emerging as an important concept and has been adopted as a key policy theme by the UK Government.


The APPG on Global Health is connecting parliamentarians with a growing global health community of academics and civil society groups, to inform and improve policy in this vital area"

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Dan Poulter MP and Lord Nigel Crisp

Chair and Co-Chair of the APPG on Global Health

The UK's Contribution to Health Globally: Benefiting the Country and the World

29th June 2015



The report has been prepared by researchers from the London School of Hygiene &Tropical Medicine and describes the UK's footprint on health globally across the four sectors of academia, government, commerce and not-for-profit activity and shows that the UK plays a leading role in each sector. Its global contribution is second only to the US which it surpasses in some areas.




APPG Global Health Update

We have had a series of interesting and very well attended meetings over the last few months including Global Ageing ( with Kings College London) on women’s health (led by the George Institute from Oxford); polio (led by the Graduate Institute from Geneva); and the new Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health (led by the WHO and UNICEF). As well as our AGM for the


A major focus over the last few months has been following up the report on the UK’s contribution to health globally. This has had very good traction – with the introduction of a number of the ideas into the plans for the Prosperity Fund and excellent meetings with the (former) Ministers in Health and DFID – which were influencing their plans for UK partnerships.


Brexit means that the idea of developing the UK as a global hub or centre for health – just as it is a financial one – has become even more important. We need a vision of an outward looking country, a leading player in health, bio-medical and life sciences, which not only is highly influential – developing global public goods – but also economically successful in one the fastest growing set of industries in the world. We have therefore been seeking opportunities to make this case to the new Government.







Latest Report

ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 2015-2016 Download the 'Triple Impact' report here


'TRIPLE IMPACT– how developing nursing will improve health, promote gender equality and support economic growth”


A review group of APPG members has undertaken a major review of the development of nursing globally over the last few months, holding a number of witness sessions, collecting evidence and debating our findings with the RCN, ICN and others. The report “Triple Impact – how developing nursing will improve health, promote gender equality and support economic growth” launched on the 17th October 2016 sets out a radical agenda and argues that the UK should play a major role in developing nursing globally.