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A group of nursing and other health leaders met in Geneva in April at a meeting hosting by the WHO to consider a proposal to launch a global campaign to promote and develop nursing. The participants agreed to establish a campaign - provisionally entitles Nursing Now! - to be launched at the end of this year and run to 2020, Florence Nightingale's bi-centanary. More information will be available by the end of June.


Following the meeting some of the participants and others decided to write to the Director General candidates to ask them to support the development of nursing and , amongst other things, appoint a very senior nurse at the WHO itself. Their replies have all been very y positive


The Responses:


From Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus:


 'Thanks so much Nigel for reaching out to me. You know my position on this very important matter from many years ago. Your proposal is agreeabe to me and i believe we can do even more. Look forward to work with you and your colleagues closely'



From Dr David Nabarro:


'' Threats to people's health require responses from the whole of society; the key to success is the full involvement of all health professionals . There are more than 20 million nurses and midwives worldwide. They make up nearly half of the global health workforce and that number is set to increase in the coming years. Nurses and midwives play vital roles in all aspects of healthcare.

First- nurses and midwives are critical in ensuring that people can access essential health services. Throughout my career i have seen numerous examples of nursing staff ensuring that the right care reaches those who need it. Their talents, skills and capacity for responding to need make the difference between life and death. Well trained and supported nursing are necessary for healthcare in  every period of life, from birth to old age. They set the stage for good health in generations to come. Second- nurses play a vital role in empowering people to be able to care for their own health; i see this everytime visit community health centres; it never ceases to inspire me. The initiave and engagement of nurses and midwives contributes to the health of society and enables people to live their lives to the full.


I have been nominatd to serve as Director General of the World Health Organisation; the election is on May 23rd. It is only through the collaboration of health professionsals that we can continue to build resilience in our communities and tackle emerging lifestyle illnessess and infectious disease outbreaks. I am commited to elevating nurse leadership everywhere. The nursing persepctive on all health issues is vitally important and must be brought to the table more. It helps to ensure interdisciplinary collaboration as well as improving human resourcing for health worldwide.


If i am sucessful and am appointment as WHO Director General in July this year i shall prioritize the development of nursing and the role of nurses for the good of patients and public everywhere. This will be a vital contribution to healthy futures and equity in access to healthcare. '



From Dr Sania Nishtar:


'Allow  me to congratulate you for taking a lead role in this critically important, but long-neglected area. If elected, i commit to supporting this important initiative, including your specific ask which entails appointing a senior nurse at WHO, which i feel it this least the new DG can do.'










































Support for development of nursing globally-letter to the candidates for the WHO Director General and their responses 


Triple Impact: Latest Report

ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 2015-2016 Download the 'Triple Impact' report here


'TRIPLE IMPACT– how developing nursing will improve health, promote gender equality and support economic growth”


A review group of APPG members has undertaken a major review of the development of nursing globally over the last few months, holding a number of witness sessions, collecting evidence and debating our findings with the RCN, ICN and others. The report “Triple Impact – how developing nursing will improve health, promote gender equality and support economic growth” launched on the 17th October 2016 sets out a radical agenda and argues that the UK should play a major role in developing nursing globally.