All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2011-12

This has been a very successful first year for the APPG during which the Group has established itself as a forum for important discussions and the publisher of a very well received review.


This annual report shows, we have hosted meetings on topics such as maternal health and prioritising in healthcare, provided a platform for the Zambian Government to launch its health strategy globally and produced a report on health workers, All the Talents, which shows how new roles and better teamwork can release potential and improve health services. 



Download the report - Annual Report  - 31st October 2012

Annual report 2012

Annual Report 2012-13

December 2013


The APPG on Global Health was established to bring together the impact and experience of parliamentarians with the knowledge and expertise of the wider global health community. In our second year of operation we have developed considerably in our performance of this role and our ambitions of what can be achieved through it.


The group has continued to grow its reputation for timely, insightful policy reviews and has strengthened its links inside and outside of Parliament. In addition to a second year's programme of popular events, we have also begun to see practical results from the work we undertake. This annual report outlines the group's main activities and achievements throughout the year, as well as acknowledging the contribution of parliamentarians, staff and supporting organisations.


Annual Report 2012-2013

Annual Report 2016-17

June 2017


This has been another very successful year where the group has published a major report on a topic of global interest and held a series of events for parliamentarians and others interested in global health.

This year’s report on nursing globally, Triple Impact, has been particularly well received and is leading to the creation of a campaign for the development of nursing globally Nursing Now! (click here for an update on the campaign).


The Group hosted five well-attended events during the year on topics as diverse as ageing, the development of both Uganda and Sierra Leone, the education and training of health professionals and African European collaboration on research. It also collaborated with other APPGs on a range of different topics. Looking forward, the follow up of the nursing report will continue to be important in the new Parliament and events on research and surgery are being planned.







Annual Report 2015-16

June 2016


This year the APPG hosted have included sessions on topics as diverse as polio (with The Graduate Institute), ageing (with Kings College Partners), women’s health (with the George Institute), and the new global strategy for human resources for health (with the World Health Organisation and UNICEF). The Group has also co-hosted other events with APPGs with interests in health and development.


The Group published its major review the UK’s contribution to health globally in June 2015 at the beginning of the period covered by the report. This report, prepared by researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has been widely welcomed. Its proposals for how the UK, as a world leader in health and associated sciences, can strengthen its position with benefit to the UK and the world have been discussed with different parts of government and has influenced policy on the Prosperity Fund and within the Department for International Development. This review and publication is even more relevant post the referendum and the Group is pursing discussions with Ministers and officials about how it can contribute to a new vision for the UK as an outwardly focused and globally orientated country.