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Our first report, titled "All the Talents" tells how new roles and better teamwork can release potential and improve health services.


Many thanks to the academic and civil society groups who provided evidence for the reports.


The executive summary and full report are available to download:



All the Talents - Executive Summary - 11th July 2012


All the Talents - Full Report - 11th July 2012

All the Talents

Exec Summary

Annual Report 2011-12

This has been a very successful first year for the APPG during which the Group has established itself as a forum for important discussions and the publisher of a very well received review.


This annual report shows, we have hosted meetings on topics such as maternal health and prioritising in healthcare, provided a platform for the Zambian Government to launch its health strategy globally and produced a report on health workers, All the Talents, which shows how new roles and better teamwork can release potential and improve health services. 



Download the report - Annual Report  - 31st October 2012

Annual report 2012


Improving Health at Home and Abroad: How overseas volunteering from the NHS benefits the UK and the world

The final report of our review of overseas health volunteering from the UK has now been released. It addresses the role of NHS staff who volunteer overseas in advancing health globally and bringing new knowledge, skills and ideas back to the UK.


The report points to the opportunities that exist for the UK and developing countries from improving the scale and quality of volunteering programmes. It argues for three key actions to accelerate growth in the movement of mutually beneficial, effective global partnerships.

Improving Health at Home and Abroad

Annual Report 2012-13

December 2013


The APPG on Global Health was established to bring together the impact and experience of parliamentarians with the knowledge and expertise of the wider global health community. In our second year of operation we have developed considerably in our performance of this role and our ambitions of what can be achieved through it.


The group has continued to grow its reputation for timely, insightful policy reviews and has strengthened its links inside and outside of Parliament. In addition to a second year's programme of popular events, we have also begun to see practical results from the work we undertake. This annual report outlines the group's main activities and achievements throughout the year, as well as acknowledging the contribution of parliamentarians, staff and supporting organisations.





Annual Report 2012-2013

Patient Empowerment: For Better Quality, More Sustainable Health Services Globally

May 2014


The result of a partnership by six All Party Parliamentary Groups, this report takes a global perspective on how to empower patients to play a more active role in their care. Drawing lessons from over 100 innovative case studies submitted to the review, it outlines how much the UK has to learn from high, middle and low income countries – and how these lessons should be applied. At the same time, the report also highlights the UK’s strengths, its important role historically in supporting the global patient empowerment agenda, and how it can continue to play a leading role internationally.

Report cover

Mental Health for Sustainable Development

26th November 2014



In collaboration with the APPG on Mental Health, this report considers what the UK is currently doing to improve mental health globally and whether UK expertise and resources could be more effectively used to meet this challenge. The simple message of this report is that progress in development will not be made without improvements in mental health. Mental illnesses cause more disability than any other health condition; bring enormous pain and suffering to individuals and their families and communities; and can lead to early death, human rights abuses and damage to the economy. Improving mental health is therefore a vital part of a successful development programme.

Cover Report Cover

The UK's Contribution to Health Globally: Benefiting the Country and the World

29th June 2015



This report describes the UK's footprint on health globally across four sectors: academia, government, commerce and not-for-profit. It shows that the UK plays a leading role in each sector: its global contribution second only to the US, which it surpasses in some areas.

Triple Impact-How investing in nursing will improve health, improve gender equality and support economic growth

17th October 2016



This report makes the very simple point that universal health coverage cannot possibly be achieved without strengthening nursing globally. This is partly about increasing the number of nurses, but also crucially about making sure their contribution is properly understood and enabling them to work to their full potential.


The report goes on to argue that strengthening nursing will have the triple impact of improving health, promoting gender equality and supporting economic growth.

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